Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why I Moved to Tucson after 36 Years of Living in New York... (and How it Made My Life a 1000 Times Better!)

I’ve been born in New York and have been living there all my life… Well, at least up until yesterday. Yesterday, I moved to Tucson. “Why”, you may ask? Well, maybe because I dialed the wrong number, got the free Tucson chat line (instead of the New York one) and started chatting. To make things worst, I only realized that I’ve been dialing the wrong number yesterday! But, let’s start from the beginning.

As I said, I’m a born and raised New Yorker and have been living there up until yesterday morning. I moved to Tucson because one night, after getting my divorce papers finalized, I got drunk and thought it would be fun to dial a NY chatline. And it was. I met a great man and we hit it off… Yesterday, we were supposed to meet for the first time. Both of us were late and both of us were on time. How?

Well, as it turns out, he’s not a New Yorker and I’ve been dialing the Tucson Party line numbers instead of NY ones all the time. Bummer huh? We’ll not exactly! I’m moving to Tucson and we’re getting married! And that’s all from me folks... Believe in miracles and stay good! Over and out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why I Prefer to Be in a Facebook Relationship

I've had plenty of dates over the years and been in my share of both serious and casual relationships along the way. None of that could've ever prepared me for being in a Facebook relationship--meaning, it was nothing like I expected! After all, I was always a skeptic when it came to online dating sites and never tried one so it was pretty surprising when I found out that lots of people are dating on Facebook. I didn't understand it at first but thought, 'Hey, if everyone else is doing it, why not give it a try?'

I started out by joining a hodge-podge of groups and pages that I found interesting or that were reflections of my likes and tastes and started posting to them on a regular basis. Before I knew it, I was a 'regular' at some of them and the other people on those pages noticed when I'd been offline for a few days. That was how I started dating Facebook style. A couple of interesting ladies reached out to me privately a couple of times and we opted to spend some time online and on the phone getting to know each other better. One of them I consider a really good friend to this day but the other one became my "Facebook relationship."

She's a great woman and I feel lucky to have found her thanks to the social media giant. Our mutual interest in seashells brought us together on a group page but our additional likes and dislikes gave us both additional ammunition when it came to why we should be together. Talking with her was always easy and never felt like 'work.' For those reasons, I can't say enough good things about relationships that start and thrive on Facebook!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Free Houston Party Line Attracts Thousands of Open Minded Singles

Although this free Houston chat line is primarily targeted toward a younger audience, older and wiser generations have quickly realised the advantage of a dating concept of this kind. This chatline attracts open minded people looking for love, friends or a fun chat. It’s a quick and easy way to meet cool local single men and women.

You can listen to people’s messages and decide who seems interesting enough to talk to. Anybody can call this live Houston party line, but you’re the one that picks who gets the honour to talk to you. In this age when all is depersonalized, talking over the phone and meeting people over the phone is a much better way of connecting than most of the alternatives offered today.

Thousands single guys and girls across America have found what they were looking for on a chat line like this, so why wouldn’t you do it too? It’s easy, fun and will make you fall in love with this kind of phone dating. I myself have been using it for 6 months now and have met so many amazing people! You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. Be sure to try it and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chatting with Strangers Over Free Local Chat Lines in Pittsburgh Can Be Fun

You should have seen the looks on some of my friends’ faces when I told them about my adventures on a free Pittsburgh chat line. You could have collected their jaws off the floor. Maybe it was the fact that I shared a personal story, we mostly stick to superficial common interest topics like games and books and such. They must have thought I’ve gone crazy when I decided to talk about something more intimate.

So, when exactly did we become so closed off? People don’t seem to share their inner world, anymore. We’re always trying to put on masks and hide ourselves and keep everyone at arm’s length. That doesn’t seem like such a great idea. We just end up more and more estranged from each other and we build shallow relationships that fall apart at the lightest gust of wind. So, here’s a way to share your world with someone, a stranger if you’re worried about talking to your friends.

That’s what I believe is wrong with the world today, we don’t communicate, we neglect others and ourselves. Why can’t we share our innermost lives with our friends? Why should I be embarrassed about telling them I met this great guy on Pittsburgh party line and that I think it’s getting serious. Keeping it all in just isn’t healthy. So, let’s all start building better relationships and stronger connections with each other; online, offline or over the phone.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Sin City Phone Dating: Free Las Vegas Chat Lines

Welcome the most open minded city in the US. But what if you’re too shy to talk in person? Making a dating site profile takes time, so just take out your cell and call a Las Vegas chat line. It’s simple, fast and safe.

Let’s be realistic, it’s Vegas – the Sin City, no matter what way you choose to get a date, you’ll find someone. The place is a melting pot. The standard is that there isn’t one. people here are a lot more accepting than elsewhere. No matter what your opinions or interests are there’s bound to be at least a few other people who will share them.

Does it sound like a dating paradise yet? It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or just a tourist; dial a number of the service you’ve chosen and start talking. It’s quick, easy and secure. What more could you ask for? Well, a plethora of willing singles, of course; but we’ve already covered that.

Don’t worry about getting turned down, it happens to everyone. But, since it’s anonymous no one’s gonna know it’s you. Same applies in reverse, if you don’t like someone, you can end the call that second. So don’t stress yourself, just go at it.

There you have it, there’s really no reason not to use Las Vegas party line. If you’re shy or just want to meet someone right now, there’s no better option.