Friday, November 18, 2016

What You Should Know about Seattle Party Line

There is one little known fact about people born and raised Seattle - they have an incredible sense of humor that comes to life when you talk to them over the phone. It may be a strange thing to say, I know, but that is what sets them apart from out-of-towners in Washington state. So when a buddy of mine suggested I should get on Seattle chat line, I didn't think twice. I tried it out that very same day and began talking to some of the most fascinating local characters out there.

My first impression was: okay, this is going to be just like any other chat room. Lots of people trying to get in touch with one another, everyone with their own agenda and no cool topics to pick up. Just mindless chit chat and small talk. I was surprised to find out that folks used Seattle Party Line to make new friends, spread good vibes and have fun in a completely new, authentic manner. No one could really fake much there and I think that's the coolest thing about phone chatting; you hear somebody's voice and there's nothing you can add or take - it's all there.

So if there is one thing you should know about this particular chatline it is this: there are tons of chat clubs out there, plenty of dating sites too, but nothing can beat the good old phone chat. When you get to talk to someone for the first time you get all excited and it doesn't matter if you're flirting or just having fun to pass your time. As long as you're both on the same page, you can find something to chat about. Just pick one coffee spot in town, get your phone out and begin connecting. That's what I'd do any day in Seattle!

Los Angeles Party Line - Why You're Cool to Be a Part of It

The City of Angels is known for a myriad of trendy, hip clubs frequented by a host of locals who are eager connect and stay in touch with one another. But you're not really getting the true city vibes if you're not linking up through Los Angeles chat line - the hottest chat service in town. I say this because I remember the first time I moved to LA to get a job. I was desperate to make new friends and learn all there was to learn about life in this big city. Naturally, I was a tidbit afraid I'd make a fool out of myself or say something stupid. But since I didn't have lots of free time to go out and actually meet local people in person, I turned to Los Angeles Party Line and began making connections.

That is where I got all the info I was looking to get. People would inform me about the latest concerts, exhibits, new malls and whatnot. I got introduced to a dozen new bars just outside the city and I felt like I finally belonged there. At one point in my life this chatline was everything to me, I was getting new invitations every day and I thought I'd never get tired of talking. Well, I did get bored with it eventually, but that was only when I started making new friends, so I'd hang out with them more often and have fun. I was short on time and decided I'd ditch this phone chatting to real life chatting. So my plan was to come back to it only if I felt it absolutely necessary. I still use it occasionally, but now it's only to enrich my already busy days with more juicy talk.

Getting Connected via Indianapolis Party Line

I was working as a part time waitress in a local diner in Indianapolis and was pretty short on cash. I was hoping to enroll at Uni the next year and money for tuition was a major issue. I knew I had to find another part time job to fill the morning hours and put aside more money for school, so when my neighbors told me they were looking for a babysitter I was more than happy to jump in and help. As it turned out, their baby boy was mostly asleep during these morning hours that I had to look after him, so I had plenty of free time on my hands. My cell was with me at all times, obviously, so I started texting to pass time. One of my friends told me about Indianapolis chat line and said I should try it out, it was pretty cool and lots of people were on it.

I was a bit skeptical at first because this concept was foreign to me. I was used to chatting online but Indianapolis Party Line was a phone chat, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I wanted to be on it as I was already pretty bored being all by myself at home. First call was awkward as I had expected it would be. The next one was kind of okay, I guess. The third one was pretty fun and on my fourth I was already crazy about it. I tried to keep it quiet but sometimes I was laughing so much it was difficult for me to whisper while the kid was sleeping. Well anyway, I thought it was a little rude of me to spend my time chatting with random guys while babysitting, so I gave up on it altogether eventually. Now I do it every once in a while and I usually do it on weekends, when I have more time to spare and enjoy these conversations.