Friday, November 18, 2016

Getting Connected via Indianapolis Party Line

I was working as a part time waitress in a local diner in Indianapolis and was pretty short on cash. I was hoping to enroll at Uni the next year and money for tuition was a major issue. I knew I had to find another part time job to fill the morning hours and put aside more money for school, so when my neighbors told me they were looking for a babysitter I was more than happy to jump in and help. As it turned out, their baby boy was mostly asleep during these morning hours that I had to look after him, so I had plenty of free time on my hands. My cell was with me at all times, obviously, so I started texting to pass time. One of my friends told me about Indianapolis chat line and said I should try it out, it was pretty cool and lots of people were on it.

I was a bit skeptical at first because this concept was foreign to me. I was used to chatting online but Indianapolis Party Line was a phone chat, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I wanted to be on it as I was already pretty bored being all by myself at home. First call was awkward as I had expected it would be. The next one was kind of okay, I guess. The third one was pretty fun and on my fourth I was already crazy about it. I tried to keep it quiet but sometimes I was laughing so much it was difficult for me to whisper while the kid was sleeping. Well anyway, I thought it was a little rude of me to spend my time chatting with random guys while babysitting, so I gave up on it altogether eventually. Now I do it every once in a while and I usually do it on weekends, when I have more time to spare and enjoy these conversations.

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