Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chatting with Strangers Over Free Local Chat Lines in Pittsburgh Can Be Fun

You should have seen the looks on some of my friends’ faces when I told them about my adventures on a free Pittsburgh chat line. You could have collected their jaws off the floor. Maybe it was the fact that I shared a personal story, we mostly stick to superficial common interest topics like games and books and such. They must have thought I’ve gone crazy when I decided to talk about something more intimate.

So, when exactly did we become so closed off? People don’t seem to share their inner world, anymore. We’re always trying to put on masks and hide ourselves and keep everyone at arm’s length. That doesn’t seem like such a great idea. We just end up more and more estranged from each other and we build shallow relationships that fall apart at the lightest gust of wind. So, here’s a way to share your world with someone, a stranger if you’re worried about talking to your friends.

That’s what I believe is wrong with the world today, we don’t communicate, we neglect others and ourselves. Why can’t we share our innermost lives with our friends? Why should I be embarrassed about telling them I met this great guy on Pittsburgh party line and that I think it’s getting serious. Keeping it all in just isn’t healthy. So, let’s all start building better relationships and stronger connections with each other; online, offline or over the phone.

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